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    Expro Specialized Services, or ESS uses high pressure water for industrial cleaning.  Based at the Kentucky office, with equipment and personnel also in Illinois, we are able to respond to emergency calls quickly.  Most of our customer base is coal fired power plants and paper mills, with services performed online and off.

    Automated equipment is employed to perform almost all of the high pressure water work.  This greatly increases safety for our technicians and everyone involved with

    the cleaning process.  Also, with automation, many human factors such as fatigue and uniformity of cleaning can be engineered out.

    ESS is available for emergency situations such as throat clinkers, slagging from the front of the furnace to the economizer, and burners.  All of which may be performed online if sufficient access is available.  Pre-outage work is often performed online to minimize the time of explosive cleaning required once the boiler is offline.  Most of ESS employees are crossed trained with some level of explosives qualification; this enables our water and explosives crews to work seamlessly and with great economy.

    Offline cleaning is often a critical path for an outage.  ESS is part of many outages each year, and regularly takes on the responsibility of getting an outage started on or ahead of schedule.  This is accomplished by careful planning in face to face pre-outage meeting and coordination with other contractors.  t is not unusual for our customer to contact us with very specific problems.  ESS has a full time fabrication department that is continuously developing solutions for new customers, as well as endlessly improving on all of our current automated designs.

    ESS is dedicated to solving our customer’s problems, and their satisfaction is very important to every employee.  We are always available to discuss any problems and develop specific solutions for your plant. Please contact us if you have any questions or to set up an on-site meeting.

    General Contact Information

    Expro Services

    Key Personnel

    E-mail Contacts

    703 EDC Drive

    Mr. Brad McGinnis - President


    Brad McGinnis

    Wurtland, Kentucky  41144

    Mr. Rod Hall - Vice President


    Rod Hall

    Phone: 606.834.9402

    Mr. Stan McCloud - Operations Manager


    Stan McCloud


    Mr. Keith Rose - Safety Director


    Keith Rose

    Telephones are Answered 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week

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