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   Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we have compiled a list of the questions that our clients ask most frequently. Please look for your question here. If your particular concern is not addressed here please give us a call and we will be more than happy to provide you with the information you require.

QIs it OK if I remove my boiler fans from service once I force cool
the boiler?

A.  It is best to maintain a minimal draft during cleaning operations.  This will help in removal of dust for visibility. It is usually common to leave one FD and one ID Fan in operation along with opening air dampers. Caution should be taken to not allow too much draft to the point it causes extreme turbulence while placing explosive charges.

Q.  What temperature do I need to get the boiler in order to start blasting operations?

AFirebox Cleaning Binary Applications: We like to arrive on site once boiler gas out temperature reaches 300 Degrees Fahrenheit. At this time the erection of barricades are performed in addition with any other preliminary set up. Also at this time pre-job safety meetings are conducted along with any other coordination meetings with other contractors that may be working on-site. Once boiler temperature is reduced to 175 degrees ambient air temperature blasting operations will commence.

Convection Areas Primacord Applications: Once boiler temperature will permit entry, blasting can commence in the back-pass areas. Depending on slag build up in the areas to be cleaned, it usually requires 12 hours to cool the back-pass areas to allow the installation of explosive primacord.

 Q.  How many men do you use per shift?

 A.  Our standard crews consist of : 


(1) One Primary Blaster / Supervisor


(1) One Secondary Blaster


(2) Two Blaster Assistants


(1) One Shot Record Keeper

Realizing that cleaning requirements vary from outage to outage, crews can be tailored to meet the specific cleaning needs.

Q.  What is your response time in an emergency or forced outage situation?

A.  Explosive Professionals, Inc. prides itself in being able to respond to any customer in the continental United States in a six to eight hour window. Normally this is more that adequate due to the time that is involved with the boiler cool down.

Q.  Is the size of the boiler a critical factor in determining the visibility for explosive cleaning?

A. Over the years, it has been our good fortune and experience to work in various boiler types and sizes. These boilers range from the 50 MW Foster Wheeler’s to the 1300 MW B & W’s. What we have found to be critical is not primarily the size of a boiler, but the access to the slag location, density of the slag, window of opportunity, and the customer's definition of clean.

Q.  In what other areas do you offer explosive cleaning?

A.  In conjunction with firebox cleaning, we also offer a variety of other applications. These areas include the burners and platens, horizontal back pass and economizers, bottom ash and economizer hoppers, throat clinkers, scrubbers, coal silos and frozen coal piles.

Q.  Have you ever had an insurance claim associated with boiler cleaning?

A.  Since the opening of Explosive Professionals, Inc. in 1995, there has never been an insurance claim.

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