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   About Us

Expro Services is an industrial cleaning concern specializing primarily in boiler cleaning and slag removal through the utilization of explosives. In addition to boiler deslagging, there are several other areas in which explosives can be useful. Please see the Applications Section of our web site. We pride ourselves in the ability to offer highly trained, professional personnel to safely meet the needs of our customers.

Expro Services is a coalition of industrial cleaning service companies strategically located in three regions of the United States able to service its customers nationwide.  Formed by a group of Industrial Cleaning Specialists,

Expro Services stands  dedicated to serving the needs of its customers in their rapidly changing industrial environment.

With more emphasis being placed on the bottom line and the down-sizing of Corporate America, Expro Services established a company promoting alliances with its customers to create a more focused and economical approach to industrial cleaning.



   Our People


The people in every organization are what make the difference. Training is what makes the people and teamwork is the key to getting the job done. Since our involvement with explosives in the early 1980's, it has been our people that have been the catalyst for constant growth within the explosive cleaning industry. Training is a process of ongoing improvement. Complex issues relating to Technology, Regulatory Compliance, Safety, the use of explosives and dealing with our customers' needs are constantly being expanded upon to improve the high quality of service that we continually strive to provide. Explosive Professionals takes pride in the experience of our people and knowledge of the environment in which we perform our service.


   Key Personnel

Brad McGinnis
Chief Executive Officer and President

Relevant Experience:

Thirty plus years experience in industrial cleaning operations. Thirteen years as President of Rust Precision Blasting (formerly MPC. Inc. Explosives). Over eight hundred plus cleaning projects utilizing explosive applications in fossil-fueled utilities, waste to energy facilities, refineries, chemical plants, steel mills, aluminum foundries and other industrial environments.


Currently holds various blasting licenses in states nationwide with previous experience in Canada and Mexico.

Relevant Employment:

10/80 - 12/95

Rust Industrial Services, Inc.
(Formerly Mobile Pressure Cleaning, Inc.)
806 Hoods Creek Pike
Ashland, KY 41101
(606) 325-88450


Stated above



12/95 - Present

Explosive Professionals, Inc.
800 Scott St.
Worthington, KY 41183
(606) 834-9402


Administrative Management of Corporate affairs. Compliance of company policies and procedures. Direct and supervise personnel on the safe and effective use of explosives. Maintain customer relations.

Rod Hall
Executive Vice-President

Relevant Experience:

Thirty plus years experience in the petrochemical, refinery and power generating industry supplying various types of industrial cleaning applications. Fifteen years management capacity over five hundred major outages in the utility generating industry.

Relevant Employment:

01/80 - 11/92

Naylor Industrial Cleaning
205 North Richey
Pasadena, TX  77331


Stated above



11/92 - 01/95

Rust Industrial Services, Inc.
(formerly Naylor)
806 Hoods Creek Pike
Ashland, KY  41101
(606) 325-8845


02/95 - Present

Explosive Professionals, Inc.
Post Office Box 1885.
Humble, TX  77347
(281) 446-2666


To provide technical support, assistance, and direction to operational and sales personnel. Establishment of market revenue, capitol budgets and policies to assure safe and cost effective services to customers within the power generation industry. Development and maintenance of customer relations with approximately fifteen major utility companies.

Rick Kahrig
Explosive Professionals Midwest, Inc.

Relevant Experience:

Thirty years experience in the petrochemical, refinery and power generating industry supplying various types of industrial cleaning applications. Over three hundred fifty major outages in the utility generating industry.

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